The People Key to Our Miracles- Matthew 20:28

You and I set out with the best intentions to serve God.  However, we
bring with us our own expectations and assumptions about how we want this new
miracle like to look.  Many times we predetermine how God is supposed to
work through us when this miracle is going to happen and what kind of person He
is going to send along.   We most likely have also decided how this
person is supposed to respond to us once the miracle has been delivered.

Therein lies the problem.   God’s agenda and mine rarely match up.
Usually I must choose between what I want and what God wants.  This can
many times be the choice between what is good and what is miraculous.  If
we aren’t careful, we will miss the opportunity all together.

All miracles start with a person in need.

The People Key to a miracle is how you make God’s agenda your agenda and your
heart God’s heart for his people.  Unfortunately many times this is a
collision between your preferences and God’s.

God’s agenda is about people.  The purpose for sending us to do a
miracle in someone’s life is:

  • We must give up our own agenda and surrender to God’s agenda
  • We must adopt God’s heart for His people which changes our natural human
    heart, and
  • We must be willing to serve the person who is anyone, anytime and
    anywhere God directs us to.

Jesus’ top priority was to serve the people according to God’s agenda.
In Matthew 20:28 Jesus says that the Son of Man came not to be served but to
serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.  He came not to do
his own will but to do the will of the Father.

If we aren’t passionately and deliberately focused on carrying out God’s
agenda with God’s heart, we will end up putting our own agenda first.  We
will increasingly look for the kind of mission we enjoy most.  We will tend
to ask God to bless out busyness for Him instead of asking Him to send us on the
miracle mission of His choice.

To recap, we know that for these miracles to occur, the place, person, nature
and timing are up to Him alone.  We are to surrender our perspective,
wisdom and experiences to His agenda at any given moment.  We have
established that this person will be one in need and may not look like one who
we conceive.

Who did Jesus do miracles for that did not really meet what we would consider
a person in need?

  • Zacchaeus – an unpopular person
  • The Samaritan woman at the well – a social outcast
  • The lame man let down through a hole in the roof – an unacceptable
  • Nicodemus – a late night visitor
  • The hemorrhaging woman – a desperate grabbing for us.

To put this into a better perspective, this opportunity is not going to come:

  • During Johnny’s soccer game
  • When we are running late
  • When we have no energy leftWhen we are in the middle of important work for God

The question is, are you truly ready to serve?

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