Mission Central – Isaiah 6:8

Heaven is our headquarters for our assignments in life.  It is our
Mission Central.  God is focused on dispatching miracles to meet needs on
earth.  That is what He does best.  Sometimes He sends angels but most
often these days He sends ordinary people just like you and me.  The key is
that we have to say “yes” and be willing to be available when needed on God’s
time and not ours.

Remember Isaiah 6:1-8?  “Whom shall I send?  Here I am Lord.”

Even when we thing we have nothing or very little to offer God to work with,
He can match us with situations and people uniquely suited to us.  Mission
Central does not work on some haphazard basis.  God will match you with
different people then He will me and others based on our uniqueness.

To start this partnership with God and to keep it going as a part of your
daily life, change your thinking on how God and Heaven work.

To be used by God you have to proactively ask to be sent out to be a miracle
to someone.  Most believe you only have to be available and willing.
But NO, you must ask to be used.

To perform the miracle, you have to take responsibility for it on earth and
not God.  Most believe it is totally God’s but we need to take ownership
for our role.

So how do we ask to be sent?

These simple steps can be done on a regular basis so that your “yes” to God
becomes part of your regular daily life.

  1. Be conscious about entering into a direct dialogue with God.  Look at
    this as an actual event, as if you are entering into a business meeting with
    God in an office rather than just some prayer.  Come to God with your urgent
    request like Isaiah did and say “send me”.
  2. Have already set in your mind that you will act when nudged by God.
    Make this a pledge to God by saying, “As You lead, I will act.”  In this way
    you have decided in advance to act.  Most of us will not miss the nudge but
    will get sidetracked by rationalizations, excuses, uncertainty, doubt or
  3. Make your faith active so that you expect God to deliver the miracle
    through you.  You will need this active faith since you will most likely be
    fighting fear along the way.  One way to keep this active is to say, “I
    trust You to deliver the miracle through me.  Thank You that I can fully
    depend on You Lord.”

Once you are on board, you can now expect one or more of the following, a
name, directions or hints.

The question for you right now to answer is, “will you commit?”

Next week we will address the “People Key”.

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