Matthew 25 – Called to Serve – Meaning Don’t Let the Government Handle It

As Christians we are called to serve. Matthew 25 makes it very clear. We are
called to fulfill corporal works of mercy, feed the hungry, give drink to the
thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and imprisoned
and bury the dead.

So as Christians, do we think that the government should be doing the above
services thus letting us off the hook? The overwhelming answer should be NO. The
government is however doing most of the items listed above since there are many
non-believers and if the government doesn’t do it then who will?

Why have we surrendered all of these acts of service to the government? Are
we simply too busy to bother? How does this help with the advancement of our
spiritual life?

I have observed that as humans, we have a difficult time in letting go of our
pride and egos. As a result, our organizations breakdown and fail to meet the
needs of those who need us the most. We keep looking at ourselves rather than
the needs of others. With so much talent around we can surely establish a best
practices model especially with the help of God and the Holy Spirit. It is when
we try to do things on our own without the guidance of the Holy Spirit that
things fall apart.

Jesus didn’t say in Matthew 25, “For I was hungry so go build me a soup
kitchen and create a better wealth distribution system to feed me.” The
government will not meet the problems of poverty but the corporate world can.
The government is not the Gospel and is becoming less so as the days go by. Tax
dollars are going to such things as abortion when the majority of the population
disagrees with this and less toward important health issues such as better run
hospitals and adequate staffing.

As Christians, if you are relying on the government to, feed the hungry, give
drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked and provide shelter to the homeless, then
we need to get back into the government and make our voices heard. Otherwise we
need to step up our Christian programs through the work of the Church.

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