Like Moses – Are you asking “Why Me?”

God told Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and he objected. Moses asked, “Why not my brother? He is a much better leader then I and he has the skills for it.” God replies by telling Moses that he has seen the Israelites suffer and for that reason, he is commissioned or consecrated for the job at hand. Thus, Moses is not free to walk away from the situation. The situation and need has consecrated him for the position.

What does it mean to be consecrated? A bishop blesses a building to be a church. In so doing, the building can no longer be free for any other usage. Thus, it has been consecrated. Consecration means to be set apart for service and does not mean places or people being overloaded with connotations of purity and cult.

Situations consecrate us and change our agendas. Let’s look at an example. We are having lunch in the cafeteria at work and there is an explosion in the kitchen harming the cooks and aids. One of the workers has a heart attack due to the trauma. We have a meeting in half an hour with the President but we are the only one present who knows CPR so we stay to help until the EMS team arrives. Our agenda for the next 2 hours has just changed. Our freedom to leave and go to the meeting has just been altered because to be self-serving and meet with the President would be abdicating part of our humanity by doing so.

When the explosion in the kitchen went off, the situation consecrated us and took away our freedom. Not in a bad way, it just set aside our freedom to stop and help someone in need. This in and of itself does not alter our humanity but suspends our agenda for the time being. We are called to serve because we are there, not because we are special or holier than anyone else but because God planned it that way. We do have a choice though to stay and help or leave and meet with the President.

What if that meeting with the President was to have a significant financial impact on our life and our family’s life in a material way? What if that meeting was the career answer to our prayers or our answer to being debt free? What would you do? Would you trust God to provide later if you stayed to help with the explosion or would you look after yourself? You are swimming in debt so what do you do and who do you trust?

As a member of Christ’s church we are called to step out of the ordinary and adjust our agendas to meet the needs of others as they come up. Our baptism and church membership into the body of Christ set us apart from the rest of the world and consecrate us for Christ’s work on earth, just like Moses.

Like Moses, we see suffering around us each day. The question is, are you going to meet God’s call to help those suffering and not ask “Why Me?” or are you going to keep focused on your own self-serving agenda and what does that look like from a biblical perspective?

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