Handover Your Human Hang-ups and Shortcomings to Experience John 10:10

John 10:10 speaks about Christ coming so that we might experience God’s abundance, to the full, till it overflows.

Through Christ we are empowered to make the right choices.  Christ also sent the Holy Spirit to strengthen us, give us favor and empowerment to carry out these right choices.

To move forward you need to do 2 things – get the right attitude and have healthy realistic expectations.

Your attitude is like the rudder of a ship.  It steers you on your daily course and each day makes up your life.

You will never reach your God-given destiny with negative thinking.  Look for the positive and good in all things.  Many times throughout the Bible God tells us to “fear not”.  Negativity and fear lead to misery and a sour outlook on life.  This robs you of your joy.  Fill you thoughts with positive, truths about what it is you are accomplishing for God in your life right now.  Focus on the rewards God has in-store for you as you experience each new day.  Your joy is a magnet.

Negativity, fear and dread are Satan’s traps and mine fields.  Stay clear of them with heartfelt determination.  They will bring you down and create havoc for you.  Most of the things we dread never happen.  Dread usually causes us to waste our emotional energy instead of putting it toward something constructive.

You alone are responsible for your happiness through Christ.

Setting healthy realistic expectations helps us live a joyful life.  Just because one person does not do things in the exact way we do, does not mean that we need to set unrealistic expectations on them.  We do things outside our comfort zone with others because we love them.  That doesn’t mean we need to have them do everything with us all the time especially when we are married.  Let’s use watching television to unwind as an example.  Your spouse may enjoy sports and you may enjoy romantic movies.  As long as the program watching is not one-sided there is no need to get frustrated with the other person’s healthy choices.  Unhealthy expectations can hurt a relationship.  Learn about the other person so that you can each have joy and freedom.

The ultimate key is to have expectations based on God’s Word and not on what you think someone else wants you to be and vice versa.  Make sure your expectations aren’t based on some imaginary perfect person either.  Talk to your friends since this helps flush out what is reasonable and what isn’t.  Be careful though as to whom you ask.

When you aren’t enjoying your life, it’s likely because of your own attitudes and expectations.

I struggle like you to make each day count for God. The Lighthouse CD help and I put together my 15 week financial course as well.  Life may not be perfect but latching on to God and His powers makes a world of difference.

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