Malachi 2:10 Using Military Life to Explain Our Life as Christians

In the military, soldiers are on a mission and put their lives at the service
of others first.  As Christians we are called to do the same.  We are
on a mission for Christ through service to others.

When looking for a good military officer, you look for someone willing to
sacrifice him or herself to the mission.   As Christians we are asked
to do the same.

In the military, there is no room for human greed, selfishness of lust for
power.    Equality and justice are essential.  Military
missions protect the poor and the most vulnerable.  Truth, honesty and
trust in each other are key if any mission is to be successful.

Malachi 2:10 asks, “Are we not all children of the same Father?”  There
is not one God for the elite and another for the common folk.  God shows
absolutely no partiality and has no regard for our wealth, power or station in

Why then are we faithless to one another?  Are we building truth,
honesty and trust in all areas of our life?  We are all equal in God’s
eyes.  No one is privileged and no one gets a free pass into heaven because
he or she has more money, a bigger house or a more expensive car.

St. Paul talks about the deep concern, compassion and justice we must have
for everyone in 1Thessalonians 2:7-9.  Kindness, integrity and gentleness
are far more effective than bullying, threats and walking on people to get up
the corporate ladder or toward making that sales target ruthlessly.

Human nature is fairly consistent and there are always those who gravitate
towards positions of power and influence for their own advantage and
satisfaction of their egos.  We know that on a military mission this can
harm versus aid the results of the desired outcome.

Look at Matthew 23:1-12.  Jesus is critical of the Pharisees for laying
burdens on others and not helping them.  Authority in the military and as
Christians is always to serve, to be in action and not with just our mouths.
Anyone in authority must be well aware of his or her own humanity with all of
its weaknesses.  Office never puts one in a separate class above ordinary
people.   We are all fellow pilgrims and thus need to support each
other since we all need grace and mercy in our lives.

Our mission is to share the promise of God’s salvation which is to be
fulfilled in the future.  We have the hope to share with others as the
psalmist writes in Ps. 126:5 “May those who sow in tears, reap with shouts of

As Christians we are all in the same army and it’s time to act like it.

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