1Corinthians 7:31 – Things of this World Pass Away So Why Get Engrossed in Them?

Jesus asked the travelers on the road to Emmaus what they were troubled and
concerned about before he sat down to teach them about the gospel and to break
bread with them.  If you met Christ today on the road to work and he ask
you that question, what would you say?

When we set goals and make plans to achieve something, who in reality are we
doing this for?  Usually, but not always, we are doing it to please
ourselves.  We want the luxurious car, the bigger home, the biggest plasma
TV, the corner office with all the windows.  There is nothing wrong with
any of that if we are doing it to promote God’s Word and to bring others to

This leads us to examining where our treasures lie.  When we purchase
anything other than our basic food, shelter, clothing and transportation, the
items required for our basic existence, are we asking ourselves how these items
are furthering the kingdom of God here on earth?  This in itself can be a
challenging mind space to get into, counter cultural and somewhere many of us
would rather not go to.

Think of it this way – if we concentrated on our 4 basic needs and met those
without having to incur any debt, we would not be worried about, tomorrow, the
next car payment, the next mortgage payment or our blood pressure not being
normal.   We would have less depression in society because we would
feel fulfilled with what we had.   We would let God worry about our
promotions to the corner office, yet we would do our part in working unto the
Lord with all our hearts.   We would demonstrate to others that we are
setting up our treasures in heaven where we plan to spend a lot more time then
here on earth which is a wise and noble feat.

Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy the ride of a Lexus but I love the fact
that I own my Honda Civic.  It is great on gas, and mostly, I love that I
can park it in any space and not have to worry about someone scratching or
denting it when they open their car door.  My Honda, let’s me sleep at
night even though it is the most stolen vehicle in Canada.  It helps me
take the focus off my ego which I would have driving a Lexus by thinking I was
better then others. So yes it keeps me humble and it allows me to use my extra
funds toward helping others less fortunate then myself.

By driving my Honda, I can take my family out to dinner without worrying
about how to pay for it.   My teenagers can drive it without me
focusing on my precious car while there are out and about.

If you can afford the luxury cars and the 5,000 square foot home and can
sleep at night without the assistance of sleeping aids, great.  But most
people can’t and most people didn’t make those purchases thinking “this will be
a great witness to God”.

Sit down and look at what you can really afford.  You may look like a
looser to the world but you aren’t.  You will be able to sleep at night,
have better health and most likely better relationships with your family since
you won’t be yelling at them due to life’s self made stresses.

Occurrences such as 9/11 or all the floods, earthquakes and natural disasters
are a wake-up call to all of us.  Think of how hard some of those people
worked for possessions only to loose it all.  We aren’t taking any of it
with us so let’s keep our focus and peace by keeping our minds and activities on
our eternal home and its rewards. After all, we will be there a lot longer then
here on earth.


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