The People Key to Our Miracles- Matthew 20:28

You and I set out with the best intentions to serve God.  However, we
bring with us our own expectations and assumptions about how we want this new
miracle like to look.  Many times we predetermine how God is supposed to
work through us when this miracle is going to happen and what kind of person He
is going to send along.   We most likely have also decided how this
person is supposed to respond to us once the miracle has been delivered.

Therein lies the problem.   God’s agenda and mine rarely match up.
Usually I must choose between what I want and what God wants.  This can
many times be the choice between what is good and what is miraculous.  If
we aren’t careful, we will miss the opportunity all together.

All miracles start with a person in need. Continue reading

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It’s Back to School Shopping Time and Time to Save Money

The new school season is quickly approaching and now is the time to put into
practice those good stewardship skills and goal setting practices learnt in the

Shopping this time of year can be overwhelming so the best thing to do is
make a plan.  The old saying applies here just as much as it does anywhere
else in life – if you aren’t making a plan, you are planning to fail.  You
work hard for money so spend it wisely using the following tips:

  1. Get your children involved in the process.  The more responsibility
    and input they have, the more likely they will be happy with the outcome. Continue reading
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Mission Central – Isaiah 6:8

Heaven is our headquarters for our assignments in life.  It is our
Mission Central.  God is focused on dispatching miracles to meet needs on
earth.  That is what He does best.  Sometimes He sends angels but most
often these days He sends ordinary people just like you and me.  The key is
that we have to say “yes” and be willing to be available when needed on God’s
time and not ours.

Remember Isaiah 6:1-8?  “Whom shall I send?  Here I am Lord.” Continue reading

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Being Frugal and Charitable at the Same Time

Just because someone is frugal, it doesn’t mean they are cheap or that they lack generosity when it comes to those who need our assistance in society. Christian money management requires us to be frugal and use our imagination and creativity to make donations to those less fortunate then ourselves. The following examples are just the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Clothing donations Continue reading
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Like Moses – Are you asking “Why Me?”

God told Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and he objected. Moses asked, “Why not my brother? He is a much better leader then I and he has the skills for it.” God replies by telling Moses that he has seen the Israelites suffer and for that reason, he is commissioned or consecrated for the job at hand. Thus, Moses is not free to walk away from the situation. The situation and need has consecrated him for the position.

What does it mean to be consecrated? A bishop blesses a building to be a church. In so doing, the building can no longer be free for any other usage. Thus, it has been consecrated. Consecration means to be set apart for service and does not mean places or people being overloaded with connotations of purity and cult. Continue reading

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Matthew 25 – Called to Serve – Meaning Don’t Let the Government Handle It

As Christians we are called to serve. Matthew 25 makes it very clear. We are
called to fulfill corporal works of mercy, feed the hungry, give drink to the
thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and imprisoned
and bury the dead.

So as Christians, do we think that the government should be doing the above
services thus letting us off the hook? The overwhelming answer should be NO. The
government is however doing most of the items listed above since there are many
non-believers and if the government doesn’t do it then who will? Continue reading

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1Corinthians 7:31 – Things of this World Pass Away So Why Get Engrossed in Them?

Jesus asked the travelers on the road to Emmaus what they were troubled and
concerned about before he sat down to teach them about the gospel and to break
bread with them.  If you met Christ today on the road to work and he ask
you that question, what would you say?

When we set goals and make plans to achieve something, who in reality are we
doing this for?  Usually, but not always, we are doing it to please
ourselves.  We want the luxurious car, the bigger home, the biggest plasma
TV, the corner office with all the windows.  There is nothing wrong with
any of that if we are doing it to promote God’s Word and to bring others to
Christ. Continue reading

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Malachi 2:10 Using Military Life to Explain Our Life as Christians

In the military, soldiers are on a mission and put their lives at the service
of others first.  As Christians we are called to do the same.  We are
on a mission for Christ through service to others.

When looking for a good military officer, you look for someone willing to
sacrifice him or herself to the mission.   As Christians we are asked
to do the same.

In the military, there is no room for human greed, selfishness of lust for
power.    Equality and justice are essential.  Military
missions protect the poor and the most vulnerable.  Truth, honesty and
trust in each other are key if any mission is to be successful. Continue reading

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Deuteronomy 8:18 – God Decides How Wealthy We Become

Deuteronomy 8:18:

18But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

If God decides on our wealth then what is our part in this whole exercise?  Our part is to be good stewards and to look after what He has given us with the utmost care.  How do we do that?

Let’s look at the things we can get for free and yet many of us pay money for them: Continue reading

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Handover Your Human Hang-ups and Shortcomings to Experience John 10:10

John 10:10 speaks about Christ coming so that we might experience God’s abundance, to the full, till it overflows.

Through Christ we are empowered to make the right choices.  Christ also sent the Holy Spirit to strengthen us, give us favor and empowerment to carry out these right choices.

To move forward you need to do 2 things – get the right attitude and have healthy realistic expectations.

Your attitude is like the rudder of a ship.  It steers you on your daily course and each day makes up your life. Continue reading

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